HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. -- Staff at Glenmoore Gracious Retirement Living just found out late last week that the 150 pairs of eclipse glasses they bought were part of the Amazon recall and not guaranteed to be safe.

To 93-year-old Lorraine Brown, the glasses seem fine. But she decided not to take any chances.

"I still have good eyesight!" Brown said. And she wants to keep it that way.

Activities coordinator that's right Sherry Summerville confirmed Saturday she bought the eclipse glasses that happen to be included in the thousands of recalls Issued by the online shopping giant earlier this month. But she just got the email Thursday night.

How to know your eclipse glasses are safe

"Amazon is saying, 'No please don't use these,'" Summerville said. "We can't confirm that they're not legit, but we can't confirm that they are either."

"Well, i mean we were quite disappointed!" Brown said.

Even though the glasses have the right ISO number, Summerville worries they're counterfeit, and two optometrists told her it's not worth the risk.

Monday's solar spectacular is something nobody at the center wants to miss, including 91-year-old Nicki Benatan, and in light of her past experience she said Saturday she really hoped the senior center could come through with some replacement specs fast.

"I was very fortunate in that I saw Halley's comet," she said. "You know we are a very tiny spec in a great big huge universe, so anything that happens around our little planet is quite exciting."

Staff members Saturday afternoon said they understood time was running out and they were desperate.

And just when they thought they might have to cancel their eclipse party, Marilyn Clint with the Portland Rose Festival saved the day. After KGW reached out, Clint said her organization actually had 150 pairs of approved solar eclipse glasses for the folks at Glenmoore Gracious.

Clint gave the glasses to Summerville Saturday afternoon, and The eclipse party is back on again!

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