PORTLAND, Ore. -- Oregon’s Attorney General is taking action after hearing complaints from people who’ve had trouble with their hotel reservations for this summer’s eclipse.

Last week, the Oregon Department of Justice mailed letters to every hotel in the state within the path of the eclipse, warning them to play by the rules.

A KGW investigation in March first exposed how some Oregon hotels had canceled reservations, then jacked up room rates once they realized how many people were coming to see the eclipse.

“It’s extremely frustrating for consumers because it is a classic price gouging situation. They made a reservation in good faith and it’s being canceled for a fraudulent purpose to raise prices and make more money,” said Joel Shapiro, vice president of the Oregon Consumer League.

In the letter, the Oregon DOJ warned any hotel that canceled reservations and raised rates for the eclipse should provide customers the original price they were promised or give them at least $500.

“Travelers need to be able to trust that hotels will keep their reservation and honor the original price,” said Attorney General Rosenblum in a press release.

The DOJ is working with 12 hotels to resolve specific complaints. So far, seven of them have agreed to honor the original price.