CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Inside an Oregon State University dorm Friday afternoon, Graham Guthrie prepares to move in for the weekend.

He's one of 1,800 paying guests who will stay for the solar eclipse.

“I figured while I was making my way out west, I would stop somewhere in the path of totality,” he said.

He's been making his way for three months, riding from the east coast.

The school is putting on a weekend's worth of entertainment and information about the eclipse. OSU will have two days’ worth of lectures about the eclipse at the LaSells Stewart Conference center.

“Every hour, on the hour, we have a presentation,” said Jill Peters, the eclipse events coordinator at OSU.

Away from campus, some neighbors worry about the 1,100 campers who will gather on the soccer fields of Crystal Lake Park.

“I mean after all, it’s a city of only 50,000 some people. And to have 50,000 more would stress our services," said Betsy McNutt.

In downtown, the restaurants and hotels stand to gain. But other businesses are not as sure.

“We don’t know. As you noticed we put some stuff out on a sidewalk sale just in case there is an uptick in the amount of people and its different people,” said Rich Mehlhaf, owner of Mehlhaf Clothiers.

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