LINCOLN CITY, Ore. -- In Lincoln City, shopping carts were full at McKay's Market.

“We are stocking up for the eclipse,” said Debbie Imholt, who lives in Lincoln City and was out doing last-minute shopping.

Some of the store shelves at McKay’s Market were getting bare.

“We got some bare shelves out there. We're having trouble keeping thing stocked right now,” said Mike Barnes, McKay’s Market Store Manager.

Many people living in the area said they were taking advantage of the calm before the storm.

“They expect like 100,000 people in our little bitty town here,” said Joanne Jardee as she was grocery shopping.

That's why she and so many others tried to stock up early before the eclipse, and before the crowds converge on the coast for the big event.

“This will be our last trip into town until Tuesday. We're gonna stay put,” said Imholt.

“People are stocking up like it's the end of the world almost, it seems like to me,” said Barnes as he walked the aisles at McKay’s Market.

Gas stations are going gangbusters too.

“Right now we're doing about 10,000 gallons a day, up from about 5,000,” Desmond Alvarez said.

“Getting gas, just to be ready for the possibility of running out. I work at the hospital so I’m on call for seven days, 24 hours a day. Gotta make sure I can get there,” said Krista Karn as she filled up her tank.

There are already people coming in from all over, from Canada, to Europe, to Asia.

Alvarez said they've ordered four or five times more food than they usually do and they plan to get gas shipments every night. Although there is some concern about whether or not delivery trucks will be able to get through.

“We're ready. Bring it on,” he said.

Back at McKay's Market, employees worked hard to re-stock.

“It's actually kind of embarrassing. I don't like my store this blown up. But it just shows people are coming in, shopping and they're preparing for it,” said Barnes.

Even though many people who live in the area are planning to stay home for the event, they'll still be trying to see it. They're hoping the usual morning fog burns off in time.