UPDATE: Brent Luyster was found guilty Friday in a 2016 Woodland shooting that killed three people and injured another.

Original story below:

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Testimony is underway in the triple-murder trial of Brent Luyster.

The Clark County man is accused of fatally shooting three people and wounding a fourth at a Woodland home in July 2016.

Background: Woodland triple-murder suspect may face death penalty

After two days of jury selection, prosecutors and the defense presented opening arguments to a jury Wednesday morning. Prosecutors said that witness testimony from the lone survivor, Breanne Leigh, along with DNA evidence and statements made by Luyster during his arrest, would prove his guilt.

“There are things in life that we don’t forget,” said prosecuting attorney James Smith. “A first date with the person you married. The birth of a child. Or the face of the man who shoots you and tries to murder you. The face of this man, Brent Luyster. The defendant in this case.”

While Luyster was being arrested less than a day after the murders, prosecutors said that he had voluntarily stated that he was planning on “turning himself in.”

“All of this evidence will point to the defendant’s guilt to the crimes that he’s charged with,” said Smith.

When it was the defense’s turn for opening statements, Luyster’s attorney questioned Leigh’s memory from the night of the shooting. “

And when asked ‘Who did this to you?’ She needed an ‘I don’t know,’” said attorney Steve Rucker, adding that Leigh had admitted to drinking that night. “She agrees that she was intoxicated. And her blood level: .10.”

Rucker also called parts of the investigation into question as well, saying, ““There was a search. It was a search for Mr. Luyster. It was not a search for the truth.”

Also on Wednesday, prosecutors called Leigh to the stand. She testified that she recalled seeing Luyster point a gun at her and fire. Leigh was shot in the face and required several surgeries afterwards.

“Not a doubt in my mind,” said Leigh of Luyster. “I wish I didn’t have that face of ‘I don’t care, as I’m trying to kill you’ stuck in my head. But I do.”

Luyster’s trial is expected to last at least four weeks.