TIGARD, Ore. – A wanted man pepper-sprayed an Oregon State trooper and broke into several Tigard homes before being taken into custody Tuesday evening.

The incident began at around 4 p.m., when the trooper pulled over John Michael Auer in the area of Southwest 129th Avenue and Morningstar Drive.

Auer fled on foot and pepper-sprayed the trooper, according to Lt. Cari Boyd of Oregon State Police. The trooper was attended to at the scene.

Sean Le was driving by when he suddenly saw Auer running from the trooper.

"I'm driving down the road and an officer is chasing a guy and he motions me to call 911. He puts a phone up as he's sprinting after the guy," Le said.

The suspect continued to flee on foot, breaking into homes and fighting with homeowners.

"I start hearing women scream. I try to run in because of the women screaming but before I get to the front door
a woman is kicking open the door and throwing him out by the britches of his pants, like a TV show or something," Le said.

Jordan Tye was one of the women who fought off Auer.

"When we got our hands on him, he dropped to the floor. And I looked out the window and saw the block filled up with cops," Tye said. "He went through the garage and jumped out the window and hit at a neighbor's. Hid on the front porch."

Oregon State Police, Tigard police, Beaverton police and the Washington County Sheriff's Office all responded to the neighborhood.

"I ran right into them with their guns drawn on me," Tye said. "I made sure they knew I wasn't part of that."

Tigard police at around 5 p.m. said Auer had been taken into custody. Auer was charged with Assault, 2 counts of burglary and escape, in addition to two warrants.