PORTLAND, Ore. — There still have been no arrests in a nearly two-month-old hit and run case that killed a man in north Portland. Daniel Ramsey died after being hit by a dark-colored BMW sedan on North Fessenden Street on Nov. 26, 2017.

Now his family and friends have launched a social-media and word-of-mouth crusade to find that person and bring him or her to justice. They're posting police flyers of what that BMW would look like all over businesses in the north Portland area, and online.

"We're getting it out. We're making sure it gets out everywhere," said Lynda Hunter. Daniel's mother.

Hunter said her son was just starting out his life.

Working in Canby as a mechanic, the 24-year-old was in Portland visiting his long-distance girlfriend. The two were in love and friends say were about to move in together.

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On Nov. 26, they were walking from her house to get dinner and stepped out onto North Fessenden Street.

"They were holding hands; she was lucky she didn't get hit too," Hunter said. "It could have been a double fatality but luckily he told her to stop and she stopped and the car only got him."

Police pulled surveillance video from nearby businesses to show that the suspect's car was driving much faster than the 25-mph speed limit when it hit and killed Ramsey. Evidence at the scene points to a BMW 5-series sedan.

"It's been a month and a half and its just been really hard," Hunter said.

Family and friends have flooded social media with pleas for help finding the driver. It's been hard getting through the holidays.

Hunter said all they want is closure and some justice for Daniel in a city that's seen far too many hit-and-run deaths in the past year.

"Our families need to have closure. You need to turn yourself in because everyone is looking for you," Hunter said, addressing the unidentified suspect.

The dark-colored BMW 5-series sedan would have extensive front damage, according to police. It might be hidden in a garage. But it could also have been fixed or disposed of by now.

Anyone with information about this crash should contact Officer Garrett Dow at 503-823-5070 or at garrett.dow@portlandoregon.gov.