PORTLAND, Ore. -- The family of a Northeast Portland woman wants justice.

The driver who ran her over, then took off, is still out there.

The good news is the victim, 27-year-old Vanessa Karambelas, is now out of the hospital.

Her brother, Jason Karambelas, said she had broken ribs, a pin had to be inserted in her hip, and now she's also dealing with memory loss from a bad concussion.

It happened after a driver in a minivan, without license plates, ran her over as she was crossing NE Cully Boulevard near Shaver Street. She was bringing back coffee from the Bison Coffeeshop across the street.

You may remember the horrific surveillance video.

You can see Karambelas walking across the street. In the video, the minivan come to a stop then whoever was driving, turns the wheel and runs her over.

KGW has decided to stop the video at the moment of impact because the video, in its entirety, is too disturbing and graphic. The driver didn't stop.

Vanessa's brother, Jason said she's recovering and is able to get around with the help of a walker. He said she has also lost a lot of her memory, but it's coming back in little pieces.

While police found the minivan shortly after the incident, investigators haven't arrested the driver.

“It's hard for me to cope with that knowing there's a small chance that maybe somehow he might slide and not pay for that. I won't rest easy the rest of my life, I don't think,” said Jason Karambelas.

Portland Police are still trying to pin down the driver's identity. They're asking anyone with information on the driver’s identity to contact them.

Family members say both they’re so grateful for the community support they've received, from donations through the GoFundMe website to kind comments online that they say are helping Vanessa recover.