PORTLAND, Ore. -- Authorities are looking for the person, or people, who broke inside several homes in Northeast Portland.

“I changed some of the locks or added locks and stuff on the inside,” said Mike Meade.

Meade said early Tuesday morning somebody stormed inside his home at the corner of Northeast 135th Avenue and Fremont Street.

“I didn’t really think about it but I guess it’s a home invasion when people are home and people come into your house,” he said.

Meade says the intruder walked right into the bedroom where his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson were sleeping.

“I think I thought I was dreaming,” said daughter-in-law Daisy Meade. “I wasn’t sure so. I didn’t react to it and it’s probably a good thing.”

Daisy Meade was sleepign when the burglary and theft occurred
Daisy Meade was sleepign when the burglary and theft occurred

Daisy says the bad guy grabbed her keys and took off in her 2015 Honda Civic. She says her family is in the middle of a move and the car was packed with a lot of important things.

The family car that was stolen
The family car that was stolen

“A box full of documents,” she said. “From tax returns, social security, birth certificate.”

Investigators say the burglar, or burglars, hit two other homes in the area. They got away with a second car that was later dumped.

“Who knows why they dropped that car and not ours,” said Daisy.

“It’s stuff,” said Meade. “If something happened to my daughter-in-law, grandson, or son, that would be a whole different take on things.”

He is urging neighbors to double-check the locks on their doors and windows.

“What else am I going to do,” he said. “Chances are they won’t be around here again.”

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the Portland Police Bureau.