PORTLAND, Ore. -- Detectives with Portland police are investigating a vicious attack at Grant Park that left a teenager badly hurt.

“Some kid could’ve definitely died,” said Kain Ashford.

Ashford says he and his friends had just finished trick-or-treating when they walked through Grant Park in Northeast Portland. Ashford says a group of about 10 masked teenagers surrounded him and his friends.

“This kid comes up to me, trying to punch me,” said Ashford.

The 14-year-old’s friends managed to scatter. The mob turned its attention to Ashford. He says they punched him repeatedly and hit him with a baseball bat.

“I have bruises all over my head,” he said. “I have a fracture in my skull or right above my eye…I have a broken nose.”

Ashford was knocked out. When he woke up, his shoes, backpack, and a ring were gone.

“I should feel safe in that neighborhood,” said Ashford. “I shouldn’t be worried about kids beating me up.”

Ashford’s mom wants other parents to be aware of what happened.

“I went back and forth on letting him even go out,” said Chandra Ashford. “He’s 14 years old and you want to give him some independence.”

The Ashfords are hoping somebody knows something that will lead authorities to the attackers.

“I don’t think this should be a reoccurring thing,” said Ashford.

The suspects are believed to have left the area in a red or burgundy van. Anyone with information about the case should contact the Portland Police Bureau.