PORTLAND, Ore. — One officer was injured Tuesday morning when a suspected car prowler rammed into a patrol car before fleeing the area.

The injury was minor and the officer was treated at the scene.

At about 5:19 a.m., two officers responded to the area of Southeast 60th Avenue and Southeast Harney Street where they found several cars that looked like they had been broken into.

Near the prowled vehicles, officers spotted a Ford Escape with a driver behind the wheel. Before the officers could exit their car to talk to contact the driver, the driver rammed into a parked car and the patrol car before driving away.

The officers were unable to follow the Ford Escape because of the damage to the patrol car. They called for backup and responding officers searched the area and found the Ford Escape near Southeast Malden Drive and Southeast Harney Drive. It was unoccupied.

A K-9 team searched the neighborhood where the Ford Escape was found but the suspect was not found. Police later learned the Ford Escape had been reported stolen.

Anyone with information about this incident should call the Portland Police non-emergency line at 503-823-3333.