Update: A Reed College community safety officer found the sculpture on campus while on patrol Wednesday morning.

The sculpture was next to a fence and protected from the elements, according to Kevin Myers with Reed College. The sculpture was sent to be restored.

The college does not know who took the art. The investigation was suspended.

Original story below.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Reed College community needs the public’s help after somebody stole a prized sculpture from campus.

“I just think it’s, to use Reed’s language, dishonorable,” said student Anjali Claes.

It happened between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Somebody walked inside Eliot Hall and walked out with a Leroy Setziol sculpture.

“It had been hanging in there for all this time so I feel like it wasn’t a community member who did this,” said student Flavia Bortoleto. “It had to be someone here for Renn Fayre."

Renn Fayre is a three-day party marking the end of the school year for seniors. The consensus on campus is that a visitor stole the heavy piece of art.

“I think everybody is pretty shocked by this,” said school spokesperson Kevin Myers.

Myers said college benefactors donated the sculpture. It is valued at $15,000.

“I’ve been here going on 10 years and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this," he said.

The focus now is getting the artwork back.

“It definitely should be the college’s top priority at this stage,” said Claes.