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Owner of Thatchers, Mulligan's in SE Portland says both bars were burglarized within two days

The break-in at Thatchers will cost the owner more than $5,000.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Nick Peck is still in disbelief over what he discovered at one of the bars he owns in Southeast Portland. 

"It's like a movie," said Peck, owner of Thatchers on Southeast Stark Street in the Montavilla neighborhood. 

Monday morning, Peck arrived at Thatchers to find a damaged back door and a damaged ATM following a burglary

"It just didn't make sense," he said, adding that his security system never alerted him to the break-in. 

He scoured his security footage and eventually stumbled across a man, during business hours Sunday, putting tape over the motion sensors scattered around the bar.

"This guy is a professional thief," Peck said. "He's by far above what I've had so far happen to me."

Credit: Nick Peck
Man tapes over motion sensors in Thatchers.

Hours after casing the bar, the guy cut a hole in the back door, crawled in, broke into the ATM, stole booze and left, Peck said. He said the whole thing will cost him between $5,000 and $6,000.

"To be robbed or stolen, stuff stolen out of your pocket you can't get back, is super frustrating," Peck said.

It only gets worse.

Credit: Mike Benner, KGW staff
Peck points to the door the burglar cut through.

Peck said just one night earlier, somebody broke into another one of his businesses: Mulligan's Bar and Grill on Southeast Hawthorne.

"He tried to go to the ATM for a second then left it alone and went to the register," Peck said. "It doesn't look like the same guy."

Peck is not the only one dealing with this. Break-ins are happening all over Portland. In the last two weeks, several businesses were broken into on Southeast Division Street. 

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"This is my passion," said Morning Dove Barranger of Coral Story Beauty, one of the businesses that was targeted on Division. "This is what I love to do. It's super frustrating. It's violating."

It is a sentiment echoed by Nick Peck, who is choosing to remain positive.

"They'll be little speed bumps, I guess," Peck said. "When the sun comes back out in the spring, I think we'll all be in a better place."

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