PORTLAND, Ore. -- A member of the far-right group the Proud Boys pleaded guilty Friday to assaulting a Portland man in June 2018.

Donovon Flippo, 24, was sentenced to eight days in jail, two years of probation, 40 hours of community service and a $100 fine after pleading guilty to fourth-degree assault. He is also banned from mass protests in Multnomah County during his probation.

Flippo, who was a staple at Portland’s violent protests, was one of two self-identified Proud Boys who punched Tim Ledwith in the face last summer, Ledwith told KGW.

Donovon Flippo
Donovon Flippo, seen in a March 2019 court appearance.

Flippo and Tusitala “Tiny” Toese were each indicted on assault charges earlier this year. Shortly after the February 2019 indictment, Toese posted a Facebook message that said he had gone home to American Samoa.

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Ledwith said the attack happened on June 8, 2018, on a busy stretch of Northeast Broadway, where Toese and Flippo were riding in a truck with other far-right activists, yelling things like “Build the Wall.”

Ledwith said he physically waved them off, and they responded by yelling homophobic slurs. He said he yelled back. That’s when the two men jumped out of the truck, ran over to him and punched him multiple times, he said.

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