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Portland police announce a new crackdown on street racing

In a video post, Portland police said they will be taking more action against "street takeover events" in the wake of a city ordinance passed in August.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Street takeovers have become a big problem in the city of Portland.

The Portland Police Bureau said five people have been killed in the last year during what they call “street takeovers.”  Street takeovers refer to people using a road or space open to the public, such as a parking lot, freeway or alley, for exhibitions of speed or stunt-driving in circles or around corners. 

A Portland city ordinance went into effect a month ago making street takeovers against the law. 

People can get up to 30 days in jail, a fine of 500 dollars and their cars towed.  

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Portland police released a public service announcement Saturday evening that makes it clear they're ready to start enforcing the law and they will have help.

“We have joined with our law enforcement partners to combat and stop this illegal activity," Chief Chuck Lovell said in the video. "Those who have participated in street racing must stop. It dangerous and costly to our community. The time to respect each other is now."

In the video, Chief Lovell said the public has asked for something to be done, and in response, the Portland police bureau will conduct enforcement missions. 

“During these events hundreds of innocent drivers have been affected and cannot get home to work or to their families or get emergency care due to road blockage,” he said.

Portland police officers as well as the Oregon State Police and Multnomah County Sheriff's Office will be involved in the effort. 

So far, so good. No street takeovers were seen on Portland scanner logs Saturday night.

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