BRUSH PRAIRIE, Wash. — The Clark County Sheriff's Office served six search warrants at Daybreak Youth Services on Tuesday as part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual abuse at the teen mental health and substance abuse treatment facility.

In June, the Clark County Sheriff's Office opened a criminal investigation into the center, located at 11910 Northeast 154th Street in Brush Prairie, to look into allegations of unlawful sexual contact at the center.

Six different incidents are under investigation, and the allegations include sexual abuse between youth clients, and between a staff member and a youth client. Daybreak Youth Services is also alleged to have violated state mandatory reporting laws by failing to report criminal sexual conduct.

The sheriff's office notified the Washington State Department of Health of the investigation, and the Health Department, which has licensing authority over Daybreak Youth Services, has been conducting a concurrent investigation since June.

In a letter that Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins sent to the Department of Health on June 7, Atkins said a deputy responding to a reported disturbance at the facility was told by multiple staff members that they "lose control over the facility all the time and are told not to call 911."

Atkins said over the past several months, the sheriff's office has received so many calls from the facility, for runaways, physical violence and sexual assaults, that the office has started "specifically [tracking] calls for service at this location."

In the letter, Atkins said he also learned the Clark County Juvenile Court "has significant concerns over the safety of the juveniles residing at the facility" and is considering prohibiting juveniles from being placed in Daybreak Youth Services.

Daybreak Youth Services Complaint Letter by KGW News on Scribd

Deputies also served warrants Tuesday to Microsoft Corporation and Qualifacts Systems Incorporated, ordering those businesses to preserve all of Daybreak Youth Services' digital records that are stored on their servers.

Carl Griffin, President of the Governing Board for Daybreak Youth Services, said they were "surprised" by the search warrants.

“We reached out to representatives of the sheriff’s office today and will continue to work with the department regarding all allegations,” said Griffin. “At this point, we have received no further information from the sheriff’s department, so, at the advice of our attorney, we can provide no further comment on the investigation."

Several neighbors said they have experienced problems with teenagers from the program. Many said they see police cars there daily.

"I'm surprised it's taken this long [for an investigation]," said Aprylle Smith, who lives near Daybreak Youth Services. "Not surprised there's an investigation or that the investigation entails what it does."

Police ask that any current or former employees of Daybreak Youth Services, or current or former clients, or parents or guardians of current or former clients who may have information relevant to this investigation call Sgt. Chris Luque at 360-397-2211 (extension 5626) or email Sgt. Luque at