SALEM, Ore … A Salem man is breathing a sigh of relief after deputies arrested two people for trying to break into his home.

He watched it all unfold in real time.

“You’re just in disbelief,” said Jay Gattuccio. “Is it truly happening right now?”

Gattuccio has a special doorbell called Ring. The doorbell doubles as a security camera. It pushes video captured by the security camera to a cell phone.

“I tried to put it on speaker and say, ‘Get out of here,’” he said. “But the internet connection was a little iffy so that didn’t work.”

Gattuccio watched from work in shock as a hooded stranger did everything in his power to get into his house. The suspect used what appear to be a crowbar and his shoulder to gain entry.

“He couldn’t get through a glass door,” said Gattuccio. “He should give up on his career and get a real one.”

Gattuccio called 911. Deputies raced to the home on Squirrel Hill Road Southeast, but nobody was there. The suspect had vanished.

“I’m guessing he was parked over here and heard the sirens and didn’t want to drive too far so he went in the next driveway down.”

The suspect could not hide for long. A deputy spotted him and a woman nearby Gattuccio’s house. The suspects are identified as Apollo Biggs and Sheryl Loschiavo. They are facing a number of charges including attempted burglary.

“Very glad they got him,” said Gattuccio.