JACKSON, Miss. — A child suffered a superficial gunshot wound Wednesday in a hospital emergency room when a gun in her mother's purse accidentally discharged, authorities said.

The mother, whose name was not released, dropped her purse while standing by a vending machine, which caused her gun to go off inside her purse, said spokeswoman Colendula Green of the Jackson Police Department. The bullet ricocheted off the vending machine at Merit Health Central hospital and grazed the face of the child, said to be a 2-year-old girl, on the right side.

"This morning, an isolated incident involving the accidental discharge of a visitor's weapon occurred on our campus," hospitals officials said in a statement. "It was addressed quickly, preventing serious harm to the patient and risk to others in the hospital."

The toddler's injuries don't appear to be life threatening, Green said.

Weapons are prohibited on the hospital campus to protect the safety of patients, visitors and employees, according to the Merit Health Central statement.

The police investigation is ongoing and will determine whether the mother will be charged with a crime.