ALBANY, Ore. -- A woman spun out on Interstate 5 north of Albany when another driver aimed a laser at her eyes, leaving her unable to see the road.

Miranda Senters, 18, was driving her husband to work in Tigard from their home in Creswell, south of Eugene, when she said an older model, blue Honda Civic four-door sedan slowed down in front of her.

“He was in front of me and he tried to shine it in my eyes,” said Senters. “I just kept going back and forth a little bit, trying to keep out of the light.”

Senters said the other driver kept the car close enough to keep pointing the laser at her eyes before

“He got up in the fast lane, and he slows down and gets behind me, and so he’s shining it from the back of me into my eyes and I couldn’t see,” Senters said.

Senters jerked the wheel to get on the shoulder, but the other car stayed in front of her and then crashed into her. Senters said another driver had to swerve to avoid the stopped cars and hit a barrier.

The driver with the laser pointer fled the scene.

Senters’ car suffered substantial damage on the driver’s side. She said she had just bought the car and owned it for just a week. She said it was her first "real car."

State troopers are asking for the public’s help in finding the blue Honda. Captain Bill Fugate said this is his first known case of a laser being aimed at a motorist but said he’s not worried there will be others.