PORTLAND, Ore. — Two brothers were hit by a suspected drunk driver in Portland on Monday afternoon in what they believe was a targeted attack.

The victims, 33-year-old Aaron Miller and 30-year-old Jordan Miller, said they'd come into town to have lunch for Burger Week. At about 4 p.m., they were standing on the sidewalk looking at some scooters on the corner of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Pine Street, when they were hit by a driver in a silver Mercedes, they said.

The brothers said the driver went by them, made a U-turn, aimed and drove up on the sidewalk to hit them. "I could hear an engine behind me revving up, and then coming toward me at a high rate of speed," Aaron said. "Before I knew it, I was on the ground, kind of under his bumper."

The brothers said they believe the crash was intentional. Jordan said witnesses said the man was "smiling and laughing" as he drove away after the crash.

"I feel like the guy was definitely deliberately aiming towards us," Aaron said. "We had three or four different couples come up to us and tell us it looked very deliberate."

After the man drove away after the crash, Jordan said he got up and ran after him.

"I followed him down a couple blocks and yelled at him to get out of his car," he said. "He didn't. So we called the police and waited. Thinking back on it, I definitely wouldn't have ran after him now. But at the moment, everything was going so crazy."

Another witness also chased after the man in their car, Jordan said. Officers were able to locate the suspect and take him into custody.

The suspect, 37-year-old Sheldon Lamar Scott, is being held in the Multnomah County Jail and faces the following charges: two counts of second-degree attempted assault, two counts of hit-and-run and one count each of reckless driving and DUII.

sheldon lamar scott 2_1534264255755.jpg.jpg
Sheldon Lamar Scott (photo: Portland police)

Police said neither of the brothers was seriously injured. Aaron said they were checked out at the hospital and X-rays showed no broken bones, but they're both "definitely sore ... definitely hurting."

"It was miraculous really," Jordan said. "I'm surprised we weren't injured or paralyzed. It's a miraculous thing that no one was seriously injured."

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