LONG BEACH, Wash. -- Police in Long Beach, Washington are warning residents to be on the look out for suspicious bags left on streets.

Someone left two homemade bombs in a bag found just off the town’s main road Monday afternoon.

Inside the bag were glass mason jars with wires connected to them. The police chief told the Daily Astorian the jars held a gelatin-type material with shotgun shells, shrapnel and rat poison.

The state patrol bomb squad buried the bombs in the ground, where they were detonated.

Many locals heard the blast early Tuesday morning, including Banana Books store owner Ed Grey.

“To have that come to Long Beach is really strange. Really strange to me,” he said.

Others in town agree.

“Very strange. It’s unusual to have something like that happen around here,” said Rick Fitzgerald.

As word spread, so too did concern in the small tourist town. Police said they discovered the bag after someone called to tell them about it.

“To have something like this show up in our little town, it is troubling to see that and it’s unknown how it got here,” said Deputy Police Chief Casey Meling.

Police are asking the public for help identifying a suspect and warning people to be on the look out.

“Basically if you see something that looks suspicious and what not, it’s better to call it in," Meling said. "Better safe than sorry. Report it. Let the police determine if it’s nothing of interest or something we need to be concerned about."