PORTLAND, Ore. – Police announced Monday they’d arrested a homeless man for stabbing another homeless man Saturday night.

It happened in downtown Portland, near the city’s longtime homeless camp Right 2 Dream Too at 8:30 p.m.

Police say 50-year-old Mitchell R. Jones was arguing with 46-year-old Adrian Cano Chacon, when Chacon stabbed him.

Jones has “serious injuries”, but police say he’s expected to survive.

Police have said Right 2 Dream Too is a safe place, but people living there Monday said, sadly, the stabbing didn’t surprise them.

Trish Reed, a board member at the camp, says people camping just outside the walls have recently become more aggressive.

She said both Chacon and Jones were part of that group.

She’s noticed people there “…heckling people that are passing by, just making people not feel safe.”

Reed added frustration is growing, both in the homeless community and among the rest of Portland’s population.

“With the state of emergency, people are being allowed to do things that they weren’t allowed to do before,” she said. “It makes people feel unsafe.”

Reed said the concern is even higher, after investigators with Portland Fire & Rescue announced a spike in fires in the city’s homeless camps.

In the last two months, they said firefighters had responded to approximately 15-20 fires total.

A spokesman said they’re looking into the possibility that some of those fires may have been set on purpose.

“It’s very scary, you know. It’s frightening to think that somebody is out there intentionally setting out to harm you,” said Reed. “My point is that we’re human beings just like everybody else is. We just happen to live outside instead of indoors.”