ALBANY, Ore. -- Detectives in Albany are asking for the public's help in solving a rash of heavy equipment thefts.

"It's definitely a hard hit on a small company like us," said Chris Giles of Albany Rental.

Giles says a thief, or thieves, broke through a garage door at Albany Rental around 5:45 p.m. New Year's Eve. They zeroed in on a $125,000 service truck, but that is not all.

"They got some of our handheld radios," said Giles. "They emptied the only toolbox that was unlocked."

After loading the truck with stolen property, Giles said the bad guy plowed through a security gate and took off.

"I feel like my space was violated," said Giles.

Authorities say a stump grinder, truck, and trailer, among other things, were stolen from a maintenance yard belonging to the city of Albany. The cases could be connected.

Anyone with information about these cases is urged to contact the Albany Police Department.

"It would definitely be a great help," added Giles.