PORTLAND, Ore. -- Authorities are looking for the suspect or suspects who shot up an apartment near 141st Avenue and East Burnside Street Monday morning.

“Still praying right now,” said Shannon Thomas. “Lord protect us.”

Thomas and her husband were both at work, but the couple’s 10-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter were home when the gunfire rang out.

“It was like two big pop noises and I smelled gun smoke and I stayed still,” said Shanterria Davis.

Davis eventually walked into the kitchen and saw the damage. She even spotted a bullet.

“I would never imagine something like this happening in a neighborhood like this,” said Davis.

This neighborhood was supposed to be a safe haven for the family. They moved here three years ago from Louisiana. They say they were trying to escape crime.

“Makes you think you’re never safe no place you go,” said Thomas.

Adding to the concern is how close the bullets came to Thomas’ sleeping children.

“That could’ve injured or killed somebody if it hit somebody,” she added.

Thomas says detectives told her the family was targeted, but she believes this was random. Either way, she has a message for the shooter or shooters.

“I think you have the wrong house,” she said. “We aren’t the family that goes around bothering people.”

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the Portland Police Bureau.