PORTLAND, Ore. — This was initially labeled a road rage -- it's hard to describe it as that after seeing the video of it happening.

Kevin Beasley just bought his 1978 blue Datsun pickup two months ago and now fears it may be totaled after he became the victim of a bizarre hit-and-run.

Beasley was driving westbound on a busy section of Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard near 37th Avenue Tuesday night. He said a black Toyota pickup driving in his lane was headed directly towards him and hit him head on. 

Videos show the driver of the Toyota rev the engine and run into Beasley's Datsun multiple times, even pushing Beasley's pickup backward into another car.

"It came towards me, it slammed into the vehicle and it kept accelerating. It stopped, reversed and it did it again. It did it about three times," Beasley said.

The truck took off seconds later heading eastbound on Hawthorne. Beasley said he did report it to police, but so far the driver has not  been caught.