BEAVERTON, Ore. β€” Vandals hit 44 cars and several buildings in Beaverton with spray paint late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, police say.

It happened at multiple locations along Southwest Millikan Way, including the LaSalle Apartments and the neighboring Center Pointe apartment complex and TriMet station.

Beaverton police say the tags look like they might have included some gang references. Despite neighbor's initial fears, police did not think the cars were specifically targeted as a bias crime.

Neighbors, including Juan Garcia, woke up to the mess. His minivan was spared, but he says it looked like the vandals just tagged everything they could, including some garage doors.

β€œIt’s upsetting," Garcia said. "Just the fact that someone would come through and do something to personal property, that gets you frustrated.”

Anyone with information on who is behind the vandalism or anyone who saw suspicious activity in the area is asked to call Beaverton police at 503-629-0111.