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Clackamas County woman accused of bolting on Botox bill

58-year-old Treasa Hansen was arrested for first degree theft. Medical spas say she did not pay for thousands of dollars in cosmetics procedures

CLACKAMAS, Ore. — A Clackamas County woman is accused of skipping out on the bill for thousands of dollars in Botox and other cosmetic procedures at a local medical spa.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s officials arrested 58-year-old Treasa Hansen on October 24, for first degree theft of services.

According to investigators, Hansen, 58, went to Evolve Aesthetics on SE Lake Road on October 18. Aesthetics practice manager, Jessica Colburn said she performed cosmetic procedures on Hansen, who agreed to pose for before and after photos.

“As we were leaving to come up to the front to pay, [Hansen] said she was not feeling well,” said Colburn. “She asked to use the restroom and she never came back.”

Cosmetic injector Samantha Adams-Pierce said she went to check on Hansen.

“We realized that she stole from us,” said Adams-Pierce. “We didn't want to believe it.”

Surveillance photos showed Hansen leaving the building. Evolve Aesthetics filed a police report with Clackamas County. Days later, deputies arrested Hansen at a home in Milwaukie.

Colburn called other local med spas to warn them about Hansen. She said they learned that at least three other businesses had already been taken, including V.I.P. Medispa in Clackamas.

“[Hansen] was very good at conning,” said Michelle Nelson, office manager at V.I.P. Medispa. Nelson said Hansen visited the spa in February and received $2,800 in services which she didn’t pay for.

“She said she forgot her wallet at home and that her daughter would be driving it over to her,” recalled Nelson. “She went outside, but never came back.”

Nelson said Hansen also stole $600 in skincare products from the spa.

Clackamas County Sgt. Marcus Mendoza said in cases like this, many businesses don't realize that they're the victims of theft. He said they can and should file a police report, includes those who believe Hansen has stolen from them.

“[Hansen] could be looking at some serious consequences for her actions,” said Mendoza. “If there are additional charges, that would compound her issues.”

Colburn said she’s hopes sharing her story will help other spas to look out for Hansen.

“Just to make sure this doesn't happen again to someone else,” she said.

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