(WFLA) A Riverview, Florida convenience store clerk is giving thanks to God for saving his life when one of two masked robbers pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger.

Security cameras capture the first of two thieves racing inside.

With his hands remaining above his head and a pistol pointed directly at his face, the clerk knew his life was on the line.

As the second crook springs into action, he takes the cash from the register stuffing it into his backpack, but what he leaves behind are visible footprints on the mat, along with fingerprints on the cash tray.

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Then after raiding the stores cigarette and cigar display, the smaller suspect wearing a partial mask runs around the counter with his gun still pointed at the clerk.

That's when things got violent.

The robber, even after getting what he came in for, takes aim at the defenseless clerk, turns his head and pulls the trigger.

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