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Cracks found in Elk sculpture after 'Occupy'

Cracks found in Elk sculpture after 'Occupy'

PORTLAND Inspectors have found three cracks on an antler of the iconic Elk scupture in downtown Portland after Lownsdale and Chapman parks were cleared of Occupy Portland protesters.

The antler sections are composed of multiple individual segments joined together and secured by a thick central pin or armature. Welders will secure and finish the cracks.

One of the two lanes of Southwest Main Street will be closed for repairs to the iconic statue.

The bronze piece is a creation of artist Roland Perry and was donated to the city by former Mayor David P. Thompson 100 years ago.

Board members of Clean & Safe District, managed by the Portland Business Alliance, donated $4,500 for the repairs.

Photos:Parks before and after

Our downtown would not be the same without this landmark statue and we want it to be there for generations to come so the decision to make this donation was an easy one, said Dave Williams, chair of the district s board of directors.

As a symbol of Portland s cultural heritage, the Elk is second only to Portlandia or perhaps the Skidmore Fountain. Everyone knows the Elk, and after more than 100 years it is still in great shape, Regional Arts and Culture Council s Keith Lachowicz said.

The city has spent about $125,000 in repairs to the parks and more than $1 million in police overtime on Occupy Portland. More:Repair list for Occupy

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