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Property owners helping food cart owners

The spread of coronavirus is impacting food carts around Portland. At the Hawthorne Asylum food cart pod, the owner wants to make sure his tenants succeed.

PORTLAND, Oregon — We have seen first hand how quickly the spread of the coronavirus has impacted small businesses, and especially food carts. Typically at this time of year, food carts would start seeing big lunch rushes, but that's not happening, because they can only do take out. With rent due in less than a week for some, it’s going to be tough to make it.

The owner of the Hawthorne Asylum food cart pod in Southeast Portland says he’s going to make sure he works with his tenants, especially the carts that’s aren’t able to open right now.

“I know there is one pod that sells beer, and he’s not able to work because the state shut him down, I’m not going to charge him one cent, says owner Steve Johnson of Hawthorne Asylum.

Johnson said he hasn’t heard that any of his tenants need help right now, but said if they do, he will work with them. Leah Tucker, who founded Oregon Mobile Food Association, say the owners at the Saint Johns Beer Porch are also offering financial help for tenants.

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