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OHSU doctor writes prescription for fun with viral dance videos during coronavirus pandemic

Dr. Jason Campbell is spreading joy to his coworkers at OHSU and around the world through dance videos on social media.

PORTLAND, Ore — When scrolling through social media right now it can be easy to get bogged down with negativity. That is, until you come across a certain doctor at Oregon Health & Science University.

Meet Dr. Jason Campbell, AKA @DrJCoftheDC, AKA the dancing TikTok Doc.

He's writing a prescription for fun with viral videos on Twitter, Instagram, and, you guessed it, TikTok.

“We've got to get through this with physical health, with mental health and dancing will do that,” Campbell said.

The 31-year-old is a resident physician in the department of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine at OHSU, but his talents aren’t exclusive to the operating room. Dancing is in his blood.

“I’ve been dancing since I was in middle school. I’d break dance in like seventh and eighth grade and some ballet and jazz when I was in high school,” Campbell said. “I’ve always loved to dance. I’ve always felt like it was a great way to communicate with people, a great way to get people from all different walks of life to join and come together.”

Credit: Jason Campbell

He takes his job very seriously, just not himself.

“Naturally I am just happy, positive, glass is always full in some way. It's just how you see the world,” he said.  

Campbell is sharing his infectiously positive personality around the Portland hospital where he works and around the world online.

“Times are tough. We don't take that lightly. We're preparing very, very diligently to be ready at OHSU for what may come,” he said. “And all the hospitals in Oregon are working together, which is really nice to see, because we know we're stronger together.”

Campbell’s posts have gone viral. Many have garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of shares across multiple platforms.

They're entertaining, but they also spread the message of social distancing and a call for support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“If there's any way you can help others; if it's by making masks, whether it's by sending money, then we want you guys to do that because at the end of the day, we're here to save lives and make sure that we come out on the right side of this,” Campbell said.

Credit: Jason Campbell

Consider it doctor’s orders to play some music, dance around and find some fun to fight the coronavirus crisis.

“At the end of the day, we're all human and we're all in this together It's not about the title in front of your names, it's just about coming together to overcome this,” Campbell said.

Originally from Washington D.C. you can find Dr. Campbell’s videos on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok under then handle @DrJCoftheDC.

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