PORTLAND, Oregon — Right now, many of us are stuck at home, in this new world of social distancing. But the sun is out, spring has officially begun, and there are still plenty of beautiful things to be seen.

We asked you to send us a picture of the most beautiful thing you've seen this week, and you really came through.

Of course, dogs are beautiful.

dog on facebook
Janelle Dozark
corgi facebook
Whitney Davis
dog on facebook
Jacqueline Vega

Cats, too.

cat facebook
Cory Mcconnell

And babies!

baby on facebook
Erin Wakefield Dershewitz
baby photoshoot
Kassidy Dufault

And many examples of spring in the air.

cherry blossoms facebook
Blue Valentine
flowers on facebook
Kellie Campbell Adams
bird on facebook
Mary Ann Sall

And, perhaps the most beautiful of all, wonderful messages of community.

free book library
Sandi Alex
dance message
Dawn Hanley
chalk message love
Jeanetta Espininoza
birthday party facebook
Shelly Bladow

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So keep your eye (and camera!) out for anything beautiful you spot. And tag it with the hashtag #KGWTogether, so we can keep sharing these wonderful moments!