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It's National Letter Writing Month. Send some love

A Portland business owner has some advice for National Letter and Card Writing Month. And she has written a beautiful letter to her community.

PORTLAND, Ore. — April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, and now is the perfect time to send a handwritten note to someone who could use a pick-me-up.

We thought it would be fun to ask an expert in the field for some advice, so we chatted with Victoria Venturi, the CEO of Portland’s greeting card company Paper Epiphanies.

“I'm writing letters to three different lists: people in my inner circle, people I want to thank, first responders, medical workers, police officers, and then my third list is people I haven't connected with in a long time, co-workers from past jobs or high school friends,” Venturi said.

She also recommends writing a letter to yourself to read down the road.

“Writing a letter to yourself right now is a really great opportunity. I'm planning to write one to myself to open in one year and one to open in five years. Just seal those, almost like a little time capsule. Write a letter of what you're feeling, what your hopes are and what your fears are. And to have the ability to go back and read those letters in a year from now or five years from now, I think, will be really rewarding,” she said.

Venturi also wrote a beautiful letter for her community:

Paper Epiphanies, like many small businesses, is impacted financially by the coronavirus crisis. The company is offering free shipping and free stamps with the use of a promo code on its website: https://www.paperepiphanies.com/

Health experts say there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail.

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