PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Mercado general manager Manuel Marin-Foucher said the community is showing a lot of support after his food carts were vandalized over the weekend.

The Portland Mercado has set up a website for donations to help offset the financial losses for food cart employees.

Community members also came out to show their support.

“It was just so upsetting to hear local independent business owners had been hit like that and I've been meaning to come for a long time and thought this was the perfect time,” said Alea Bone, who lives nearby.

BACKGROUND: Portland Mercado food carts burglarized; $25K in damage

Gaudencio Felipe, the Mixteca Manager, said the setback has hit employees especially hard because business is already slow in the fall and winter.

“I had to give somebody the day off yesterday which is unfortunate (because) they’re missing out on a day’s work,” Felipe said.

That’s why community members were determined to do all they could to help.

“It was a ripple effect when you think about it,” said Cathy Smith, who brought her grandson to eat at the food carts on Tuesday.

“My heart just aches for them because this is part of Portland culture and Portland is greatly known for its multiculturalism and I just want to support them” Smith said.

“I hope the community comes out and supports these businesses,” said Stevland Sonnier, who also lives nearby. “It’s depressing to see it happen and it hits close to home."

Even Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish made it out.

“We all have to say this is not right, and the way we support these vendors is we come and buy their food,” Fish said.

Fish also said that the city council will discuss ways they can help the Portland Mercado recoup some of their losses.

Marin-Foucher showed KGW surveillance video on Tuesday that shows the man he believes is responsible for the damage inflicted on his food carts over the weekend.

At this point, all Portland Police know is the man looks to be white and his 20s.