PORTLAND, Ore. — Kauri Boss, a bass player for the Portland band The Hugs is without $3,000 worth of equipment after a thief broke into her car about 4:30 a.m. Friday on North Failing Street near Mississippi Avenue.

The theft can be seen on surveillance video. In the video you can see a man on a bicycle look into the window of the car, and break into it with an object he throws. 

The man then reaches in the window and steals a piece of equipment. He pedals away and returns a few minutes later and steals even more equipment from the car. He returns a third time with two other people on bicycles. This time, the man climbs all the way into the car through the window to steal another item. 

In all, the thief stole a bass amp, pedal board, a laptop docking station and a tent, which is all worth roughly $3,000. 

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Car prowler steals equipment from Portland band The Hugs
A car prowler stole equipment from Portland band The Hugs, including this amp.
The Hugs

"I just want to find the guys," Voss told KGW. 

Voss said the surveillance video was hard to watch. 

"It's definitely like getting hit in the chest, just getting the wind knocked out of you several times watching it happen," Voss said. 

Voss' car was parked in front of a clearly marked security camera, so she cannot believe someone would break in. She now hopes someone will be able to identify them. 

In the meantime, she is left scrambling to borrow gear for a show the band is playing next weekend.

Voss also said she did not carry her equipment inside because it is heavy and difficult to carry up three flights of stairs to her apartment. But she said she has learned her lesson about leaving equipment in her car.

If you know anything about this theft or can help identify the people involved, contact Officer Kristen Schmidt.