TACOMA, Wash. -- Del DeSart says he's lucky to be alive.

The Astoria man was on Amtrak train 501 when it derailed northeast of Olympia, Wash.

“I dozed off at the time,” he said. “I woke up to the car shaking and when I say car shaking times that by 100. It gets harder and harder and you wonder to yourself, is it going to stop.”

Inside the derailing train, everythign was chaos, DeSart said. “Everybody is going left to right, up and down. To wake up looking at the seat in the opposite row in the air … I see people's leg underneath the car and beside me, it was horrible.”

As DeSart waited to be rescued, his wife, Meagan, was back home. Having heard about the crash, she was desperately trying to reach him.

“When I couldn't get a hold of him, I was panicked, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk.”

The two eventually reunited at the hospital, where DeSart would be treated for a number of injuries.

“I'm broken,' he said.

Broken, but on the mend. Meagan DeSart reported on Facebook that she and Del had returned to Astoria Tuesday after his discharge from the Tacoma medical center.

“We are home!” she said in a post. “Life is all of a sudden different.”