Pickathon Music Festival is a fun-filled weekend of new music, enchanting sights and a great time with friends and family. Even if you can't go for the whole weekend, it's a blast for even a day. Here are some of the highlights.

1. A wide variety of music

The lineup for the weekend provides music artists from every part of the genre spectrum. You can enjoy country, rap, folk/indie, rock, R&B, soul, jazz and even the most complex genres that you didn’t even know existed.

This year's line up included, Tank and the Bangaz, Nat Turner and Black Milk, KING, and many more.

Pickathon is an easy way to explore new music and new artists to jam to.

2. Fun away from the stages

Pickathon isn’t just a weekend of music. There are hours and hours worth of non-music activities offered at the festival. You can pet horses, enjoy a massage, get some acupuncture and shop for earrings to cowboy boots at the popup shops. You can pick from the many familiar Portland food carts, like Ate-oh-Ate or Fifty Licks Ice Cream at the festival as well. There’s even a ‘Woods Reading Room’ curated by Kate Bingaman-Burt and Zachary Schomburg, which is a small library in the woods that has books you can read and return.

3. Commitment to sustainability

The festival does an impressive job at eliminating as much waste as possible. They use reusable dishware, and extremely handy steel cups from Klean Canteen you can clip onto your belt buckle or backpack for the whole weekend. The water refill areas are ample throughout the festival area and there’s even a fancy, bike-themed refill station.

Pickathon’s sustainability efforts makes it nearly impossible to find litter in the area.

4. Stunning stages

Each stage is unique and unlike any other experience. There are five different stages at the festival: Mt. Hood Stage, Galaxy Barn, Lucky Barn, Woods Stage and Treeline Stage. The Woods stage was the most striking, surrounded by trees and made of a dome of branches with people lounging in hammocks while they enjoy the music.

Not only are the stages beautiful, they provide tons of shade. Whether it be from the trees nearby or the artistic tarp from above, you can enjoy the music without soaking in sweat or suffering bad sunburns.

Photos: Pickathon 2017

5. Art

While walking to and from the stages, you’ll notice the many artwork displays within the festival from white little geometric bunnies placed in random areas of the woods to colorful and oddly-shaped objects hanging from above you. The ‘Stoicheia [Elements]’ installment by Lilli Szafranski and Jesse Banks (@Lumina Lab) is particularly attracting because of it’s mystic glow and shape.

The artwork at Pickathon will give you the magical feeling that you're not mere minutes away from the city.

Pickathon 2017 just ended yesterday, but it's not too late to start planning for next year. Click here to stay updated!