BOTHELL, Wash. — For Brian Valdivia, Saturday morning was a blur.

"I kind of screamed at him, 'Hey! Stop!' and he looked at me and was like 'No. I gotta jump,” said Valdivia.

He was on the ramp to northbound I-405 when he spotted a man perched over the 527 overpass in Bothell. Valdivia said instinct took over.

"I wasn't scared or in shock. I think I just blacked out. I had to come get this guy,” said Valdivia.  

He reversed his truck off the ramp and ran to help.

“I reached over for him and I bear hugged him and dragged him down,” he said. 

A photo shared by Bothell Police shows four other men who rushed in to help, "They risked their lives to save a man they did not know."

“I grabbed his head and put it on my chest. He started crying and I was like, 'Let it out man, just let it out,'” said Valdivia.

The man, who appeared to be in his late 20s, said he'd broken up with his girlfriend and was homeless. Valdivia held him until police arrived.

“He obviously was feeling something, and he wanted to do something about it, but he had no nobody there for him, until us five heroes came and rescued him,” said Valdivia.

‘Hero’ is a title Brian never thought he'd earn and something he didn't realize until emotions set in hours later.

“I yelled in my truck, "I saved someone’s life!” and then, I lost it. I just started crying,” said Valdivia.

His friends and family tell him this was more than just a good deed.

“I was giving him a second chance,” said Valdivia.  

With a second chance, he wants the man to know things will get better.

“He's a valuable person. He’s got a lot to experience,” said Valdivia.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available anytime at 800-273-TALK. 

That's 800-273-8255.