WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore — Three Washington County relatives are accused of years of child sex abuse within their family, and police say they "strongly believe" there are additional victims.

The abuse started 15 years ago, police say, in Beaverton and Aloha, and continued until it was reported to police in 2019.

The three suspects, 39-year-old Benito Juarez-Hernandez, his brother, 33-year-old Cupertino Juarez-Hernandez, and Cupertino's ex-wife, 36-year-old Diana Rodriguez, were arrested between April 13 and May 28. Two Washington County grand juries returned indictments on all three suspects.

Family members child sex abuse Washington County
From left to right, Diana Rodriguez; Cupertino Juarez-Hernandez; and Benito Juarez-Hernandez.
Washington County Sheriff's Office

Benito currently is serving time in prison for a previous conviction of child sex abuse (unrelated to this investigation). His bail has been set at  $2.75 million for the new charges, which include first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, four counts of first-degree sodomy, and six counts of first-degree sexual abuse.

Cupertino is being held on $5.5 million bail at the Washington County Jail. He faces the following charges: 18 counts of first-degree sodomy, four counts of second-degree sodomy, four counts of first-degree sex abuse, and four counts of second-degree sex abuse.

Diana is being held on $4.75 million bail at the Washington County Jail. She faces the following charges: seven counts of first-degree sodomy, six counts of first-degree rape, four counts of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, and two counts of first-degree sexual abuse.

If you have information about this case, or know about any additional victims, please call the Washington County Sheriff's Office at 503-846-2700.