A 'Fortnite' studio set for the world's best at the game was built in Portland by the Roundhouse Agency.

Tyler Blevins, best known as 'Ninja,' has millions of people watching him every day. The Chicago resident makes about $500,000 a month off the wildly  popular game, released in September 2017 by Epic Games.

His sponsor Red Bull came to the Portland company looking for a studio environment with special touches. He's gaming about 14 hours a day and the set includes a musical disco ball when Blevins wins games.

Watch Ninja in the Roundhouse set

"They came to us and said, 'Ninja needs the perfect environment,'" said Matthew Moss of Roundhouse.

The slightest mention by Ninja of Roundhouse sends ripples throughout the world, burnishing the company's branding, Moss said.

You can watch Ninja at twitch.tv/ninja.