No, I'm not shuffling a deck of cards. There are 52 highest-paid state employees in our gallery today simply because there is a seven-way tie for No. 46.

This group happens to contain a lot of ties since the total pay only includes monthly salary data I obtained from the state which I multiplied by 12. Many state jobs seem to pay a set salary. Bonuses, benefits and deferred compensation are not included unlike the pay I recently reported for Oregon's highest-paid college/university and hospital/health system employees.

SLIDESHOW: Oregon's highest-paid employees

One other caveat: Only the state's executive branch is included. Employees of the judicial and legislative branches, the Oregon Lottery, state universities, semi-independent agencies and boards as well as elected officials are not in the mix. The data is fresh though, from July 2017.

That said, while I received data on employees from dozens of agencies and departments, only employees from five of them appear in this gallery.

The Oregon Youth Authority and Oregon State Police each contributed one employee, both of them medical personnel earning $221,964 a year.

Eight employees from the Oregon State Treasury made the cut, most of them senior investment officers, tallying a combined annual salary of $2.2 million.

The second-biggest contingent is from the Department of Corrections with 17 employees earning a combined $3.9 million. None of them are wardens though. They are all doctors.

Finally, the biggest player among the state's best compensated workers is the Oregon Health Authority. Nearly half of the employees, 25 of them, hail from this agency collecting $5.7 million together per year.

So, essentially health care professions account for a full 82 percent of the total $12.3 million in compensation represented here, with finance positions a distant second with 18 percent.

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