PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon savers might want to consider where they live as they plan for retirement.

According to personal finance website SmartAsset, where you live can determine how much you save for retirement. Its researchers compiled data for locations nationwide, using factors such as cost of living, employer contributions to retirement, proximity to financial advisers and public pensions to determine the best places to save for retirement.

Nationwide, the No. 1 place was Suffolk, Mass., followed by Williamson, Tenn., and Lincoln, S.D. The best place in the Pacific Northwest was King, Wash., in sixth place.

The company also looked at the top 10 Oregon counties. Its methodology created a "paycheck friendliness" index that factored in earnings, withholdings, income growth, cost of living and other data. It also measured employer contributions to savings and fund performance and fees for a "401(k) index." Then it calculated the number of financial advisers working an an area to give a score to each county.

Click through the slideshow below to see which counties ranked highest.

Photo gallery: Top 10 Oregon counties to save for retirement

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