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Tips and tricks to save at Walgreens

If you're a Walgreens shopper looking to save, there are plenty of ways to trim your bill.

If you’re a Walgreens shopper looking to save, there are plenty of ways to trim your bill.

Couponing, savings apps, and competitive marketing strategies have completely changed the landscape for savings at drugstores. If you’re willing to do some legwork, you can drastically cut the cost of what you pay at Walgreens — often with the click of a button.

Snag their coupon book

Walgreens puts out a sales book every month detailing their best discounts. To snag the highest deals, try to combine any sales with Walgreens coupons or manufacturer coupons.

Track your health

Customers who love to track their health can earn money through Walgreens’ Balance Rewards program. Once you enroll and sync your fitness tracker, you can earn points that will be redeemable for Walgreens’ store credit. Running one mile or testing your blood pressure counts as 20 points. Points are eligible for redemption starting at 5,000.

You can also earn points for shopping, getting an immunization shot, and filling your prescription at Walgreens.

Stack sales with manufacturer coupons

Walgreens allows you to pair third-party coupons with any sales they have. If they’re having a 20% off sale on beauty and skincare products, you can expand your savings by using other eligible coupons.

You can find manufacturer coupons in the local paper or online via coupons.com. If you find a coupon, but the item isn’t on sale at Walgreens, wait a couple of weeks. It might go on sale later, when most people have already tossed those coupons.

You can find their sales listings in many Sunday newspaper editions, going online, or signing up for their email list. Follow their Twitter and Facebook feeds for big sales and surprise deals.

Save on prescriptions with GoodRx

If your prescriptions are costly at Walgreens, there are ways to save on your refills without switching to a cheaper pharmacy.

GoodRx is a free savings tool and app that provides free coupons for prescriptions. Whether you’re filling a Z-Pac or your monthly allergy medication, you can use GoodRx at your local Walgreens. You can also use GoodRx at any pharmacy, not just Walgreens.

Buy discounted Walgreens gift cards

Consumers can buy Walgreens gift cards online to save money in stores. Many sellers list these cards for more than 10% off. Popular gift card sites, where you can also sell your unwanted cards, are Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, and Giftcard Zen.

If you shop at Walgreens regularly, it’s a good idea to always have enough of a card balance to cover your total.

Walgreens App

The Walgreens App allows consumers to refill prescriptions, order photos, and best of all, look at the weekly ad and coupons on the go.

Users can clip coupons to their Balance Rewards card, so they’ll be recognized automatically at checkout. If you forgot your card or physical coupons, the app is there to save the day.

Senior savings day

People 55 and older or AARP members can save during Walgreens’ monthly Seniors Day, when they receive 20% off most in-store purchases and other discounts.

Seniors Day is on the first Tuesday of every month, so make sure to mark it on your calendar.

Shop online and score exclusive savings

Walgreens.com has a sale section where you can find deals not available in stores. You can get free shipping if you spend more than $35, or ship to your local Walgreens for free. The store will often offer sitewide sales on merchandise that might not be available in the brick-and-mortar location.

Plus, you can use browser extensions like Ebates and Honey to add coupons and earn cash back.

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Don’t leave home without your Balance Rewards card

There’s no point in shopping at Walgreens without a Balance Rewards card. Each purchase helps you earn points through the Balance Rewards program, and healthy activities like exercise and doctor visits also help you.

Mobile customers can also log activities to the Balance Rewards program through the iPhone Health app. Points can be redeemed starting at 5,000 points for $5 off. Each dollar spent equals one point.

Consumers can earn extra points on rotating items, which change each week. Pharmacy purchases also count for points, as do immunizations and some health screenings.

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