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These Oregon residents are Joe Biden's biggest donors

Despite being a front-runner, the former vice president has not been the top Democratic candidate for fundraising in Oregon.
Credit: Portland Business Journal
Top Joe Biden donors in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. — Joe Biden has been a front-runner for the Democratic president nomination since he entered the race in April.

The former vice president and former senator came with the most famous name, the most experience in high office and the longest record of public service. His eight years in the Obama administration made him a continuation of a presidency beloved by Democrats.

But his long resume has been a liability for some Democrats. His long-ago votes have been scrutinized, and his moderate record is out of step with progressives who want the party to move to the left. And while he is younger than Sen. Bernie Sanders, at 76 his age would make the oldest person ever elected president.

Slideshow: Biden's top donors in Oregon

Oregon political donors have not embraced Biden as they have other candidates. Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have raised raised $530,546 and $466,421, respectively, through Sept. 30. Biden however has only brought in only $76,575, according to the latest Federal Election Commission data.

But Biden is still ahead of other Democrats in national polls, with 29.4 percent in a Real Clear Politics average of polls, ahead of Warren's 23.4 percent.

The Portland Business Journal this week has been reporting the top Oregon donors for 2020 presidential candidates, including President Donald Trump, Sanders and Warren.

Click through the slideshow above to see the Oregonians who have given the most to Biden this year.

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