PORTLAND, Ore. — When it comes to fresh versus frozen seafood, what would you think would taste better?

There's a pretty good chance your answer is fresh.

However, you might be surprised to learn, in a blind taste test, frozen actually came out on top.

Over the last four years, researchers at Oregon State University's Food Innovation Lab tested everything from Coho salmon to Rockfish, Albacore tuna and Scallops.

The final of five tests took place Nov. 1.

The results?

In every test, the seafood frozen the same day it was caught rated as good or better than the fresh.

Even high end restaurant chefs chose the frozen fish over the fresh.

The likely reason? That fresh seafood might not be all that fresh.

"Essentially what we're showing is that when fisherman go out to sea and they can freeze the fish either on the boat or just after coming in they're locking in the freshness of the product," said OSU researcher Ann Colonna. "Whereas, if you go to the store you have no idea how long that product has gone through distribution, how long its been at retail and it could be a week or more." 

And that frozen seafood is much easier on the environment.

The amount of materials, packaging and airplane fuel saved by freezing seafood is significant.

The researchers next study will be to see how long you can keep seafood frozen and maintain its fresh taste.

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