A private company called Frog Ferry will make a proposal Friday to state transportation officials to create a passenger ferry that would first run from Vancouver to downtown Portland.

In later phases, the passenger service would include a start in Lake Oswego with a stop in Milwaukie, where Oregon City residents would also embark.

The ferry will carry 149 passengers and allow bicycles, according to preliminary information released by the company.

A formal presentation will be made Friday before the Oregon Transportation Commission. The concept has the support of Mayor Ted Wheeler and Gov. Kate Brown.

The Frog Ferry effort is led by Susan Bladholm, who was an executive at the Port of Portland and the state. She is a co-founder of Cycle Oregon and now works for a global aviation services company.

The Vancouver, Lake Oswego and Milwaukie dock locations are not specified. Other potential docking spots include the Salmon Street Springs, OMSI, the Rose Rose Quarter/Esplanade and OHSU/South Waterfront.

The name of the company is derived from Chinook mythology. The Frog character was tasked with weaving a net to allow humans to catch salmon, an outcome so monumental it protected him from harm.