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As inflation keeps climbing, these prices soared the most in Portland

For the west region, including Oregon, the inflation rate for all prices was 8.1%, according to the consumer price index.
Credit: Portland Business Journal

PORTLAND, Ore. — The price of almost everything — clothes, food and housing — has been rising all year. And anyone who thought this year's steep inflation was easing started Tuesday with some bad news.

The monthly consumer price index report, released Sept. 13, put the inflation rate at a stubbornly high 8.3% over the past year, in spite of efforts by the Federal Reserve and legislation to slow down spiking prices.

The increases persisted despite gasoline prices falling back from their highs in the spring and summer as shelter, food and health care accounted for the largest hikes, the report said.

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For the west region, including Oregon, the inflation rate for all prices was 8.1%, according to the consumer price index. Rising price categories included food at 10.8%, housing at 7.5%, apparel at 5.3%, medical care at 6.1% and transportation at 13.6%.

In Portland, the price increases are spread across common household expenses, according to recent data.

Using cost of living index numbers from the Council for Community and Economic Research, Portland Business Journal parent company American City Business Journals tracked inflation in U.S. metro areas with a shopping list covering specific grocery items like hamburger and coffee and other needs, such as gasoline, dental care and apparel.

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The data shows price increases since 2021 in necessary expenses such as rent (4.2%), groceries (12.1%) and gasoline (47%). It also shows how inflation affects specific goods and services.

The Portland Business Journal, a news partner of KGW, selected 30 items from the data to show where Portland area residents are spending. Visit the PBJ to see how much certain items increased in cost, and the few that actually cost less.

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