PORTLAND, Ore. -- Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has asked the Bureau of Development Services, which she oversees, to “deprioritize enforcement against tiny homes and people sleeping in RVs parked on private property effective immediately,”

It's part of the city’s ongoing effort to build up its supply of affordable housing for low-income and homeless residents,

“Housing is a basic need and a human right. We have failed to keep up with demand for affordable housing for decades,” said Commissioner Eudaly, according to a statement released by her office Monday.

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The statement says the move is temporary and will give staff time to come up with new city code, allowing for a permanent policy to the same end.

Such a change of city code would require a vote by the council.

Advocates for tiny house living have been pushing for such a change in city policy for years, citing stories like that of a Northeast Portland couple who had set up a tiny house on wheels on a piece of property owned by the wife’s father.

The city, seemingly tipped off by a neighbor, contacted the couple and ordered them to move the house, which they estimated would cost them up to $30,000.

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Staff clarified the temporary suspension will not affect the city’s ongoing efforts to enforce codes prohibiting RVs parked on city streets and other public rights of way.