The average family in our region throws away close to one third of their produce every week. It's an astounding but accurate statistic. For a family of four, that's more than $760 per year of food waste.

If you're tired of throwing away rotten produce every week, I have the ultimate gadget to save you cash.

The Bluapple Fruit and Vegetable Saver could easily save you $700 per year or more. This tiny blue apple that goes into your produce drawer absorbs the ethylene gas that naturally occurs in your fridge, dramatically extending the life of your fruit and vegetables.

Does it really work? I've now been using the Bluapple for three years and I kid you not, this $23 contraption works extremely well. Click the play button to hear from a food industry professional.

The Blueapple...

- Doubles the life of most produce
- Prevents cross contamination and fridge odors
- Prolongs freshness, texture and vital nutrients 40% longer
- BPA Free, non-toxic and environmentally safe
- The most effective way to extend the life of fruits and vegetables

$17 Off TWO New Large Fruit & Vegetable Savers + 8 Packet Refill + Free Shipping
Was: $39.99
Now: $22.99
***Note: the lower prices you will see at different stores are tied to a different older and inferior product. This is new for 2017; Blueapples are larger and this kit is different. The packaging is also different as you will see.

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