Spiders, roaches and mice, oh my! It's that time of the year when many of the scariest pests seem to find their way in to our homes in search of warmer temperatures. This Halloween 2017, in my quest to save you cash, we scare off all those little monsters.

Ultrasonic pest repellents have been in use for years at commercial and industrial settings. These devices emit an ultrasonic deterrent that effectively terrifies most rodents and pests. The sound is inaudible to humans, pets, babies and any other non-creepy-crawly member of your household.

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on an exterminator fees or rely upon harmful pesticides and chemicals in your home, to prevent infestations or to better handle pests after a professional treatment program this gadget works!

I was tempted to find an ultrasonic pest repellent after a snake fell through our newsroom ceiling last year.

Did the gadget work in my home? To be completely honest, I live in a brand new house so with this gadget in use, I cannot make any complete conclusions. I will say, my wife and I are pest-free but we didn't have any to begin with. My intern Kody says this gadget helped immensely with spiders in his home.

Click the play button to hear more from Kody and see the snake that fell through the ceiling.

- Ultrasonic pest repellent goes to work for you the second it's plugged in
- Inaudible to humans, canine/feline pets and babies
- Completely safe and pesticide free
- More humane solution for dealing with all types of pests
- Effective for mice, rats, cockroaches, spiders, millipedes, mosquitoes, ants, termite, bedbugs, ladybugs, silverfish, wasps, fleas/ticks, cicadas, crickets, waterbugs, earwigs, chipmunks, birds, squirrel, tomcats, snakes, scorpions, bats, lizards, carpenter ants, flies, stink bugs, aphids, woodworms, weevil and more.

***Do not use inside a home with pet lizards, pet spiders, pet birds, hamsters, pet mice/rats or pet snakes***

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